Addiction to electronic games exposes children to isolation, aggression and lure


Prominent experts and specialists have warned of the dangers of children’s addiction to electronic games, as it leads to isolation, aggression and low self-confidence, as well as the possibility of them being lured by extremist organizations.

They said during a forum organized by Al-Ameen Service, affiliated with the State Security Agency in Dubai, under the title “Challenges and security risks in electronic games”, under the patronage and presence of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Council for the Security of Border Ports, that parental supervision is very important, And setting a system in the family that determines the hours of play for children, so that it does not exceed seven hours per week.

In detail, the head of international affairs at the Dubai Future Foundation, Dr. Noah Ravor, said during the forum, which was attended by Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa bin Shakhbut Al Nahyan, President of the Emirates Federation for Electronic Sports, that electronic games are being exploited by extremist organizations, such as the British “National Alternative” group. Which instills extremist racist ideas in the minds of children through certain games.

He added that there are certain games that are an arena for online recruitment, such as “Call of Duty”, and that extremists have carried out brutal crimes, such as “Anders Breivik”, who shot a mass shooting in Norway, killing many innocent people as a result of being affected by similar games.

He pointed out that what many do not know now is that the time spent by users of metaverses and video games is twice the time that people spend on other Internet activities, including social media, pointing out that this reflects the importance of metaverses and electronic games, but reveals their danger as well, if not Appropriate content is provided.

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He stressed that there are positive aspects of metaverse and video games in light of the expected emergence of 42,000 virtual jobs in the future, noting that in light of the strategy that Dubai is currently implementing, there will be great economic benefits.

He explained that the terrible demand for these games also makes them a target for extremist organizations. Over the past decade, social media has been the fertile ground for spreading hatred, racism and recruitment, but electronic games are the best arena now.

Ravor said that the problem is not with electronic games themselves, but with the way and time of their use, pointing out that their addiction causes anxiety, depression, and other problems, but in the end, the tool cannot be blamed, but rather the way it is used.

For her part, the educational and psychological consultant, Dr. Nadia Buhanad, said that the problem is not in the electronic games themselves, but in the weakness of family control and the absence of discipline, until parents lost control of their children.

She added that global studies set seven hours a week to benefit from the positive aspects of these games, but they receive cases of children who spend 10 to 13 hours a day, and this is a frightening number that turns the child into an addict, and the situation worsens in light of his exposure to neglect or cruelty and abuse, as he turns into an aggressive person. , and empties his energy into his brothers and colleagues.

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She pointed out that many parents lack knowledge and awareness, and do not realize the real dangers of leaving children unsupervised. A child under two years of age should not be exposed to a phone screen or anything else at all.

She explained that there are cases of luring children through these games and means of communication, due to the absence of family control, such as a 14-year-old girl, who suffered neglect due to the preoccupation of her parents, and was subject to behavioral deviation.

She emphasized that given the cases she dealt with, the addiction to electronic games turns the child into an aggressive and nervous person, tending to isolation, and uncontrollable when trying to prevent him from playing these games.

She pointed out that among the cases she dealt with is a teenager who violently assaulted his mother, for refusing to buy him an electronic game, and another who smashed his father’s car because he pulled the phone from him, as a result of his low grades.

And she added that the family must apply its own laws decisively, so what the father does today protects his son tomorrow, and allowing him to spend appropriate time on electronic games enhances the child’s intelligence and increases his awareness, but leaving him for more than 13 hours turns him into a cheating addict who tends to lie, and is characterized by an aggressive and shaky personality .

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In addition, the Director of the Anti-Cybercrime Department at Dubai Police, Colonel Saeed Al-Hajri, stated that the problem remains in the content, not in the games themselves, stressing the need to find attractive national content for children, so that they are not vulnerable to being affected by inappropriate content.

He added that the Dubai Police had recorded, through the e-crime platform, specific crimes related to electronic games, such as bullying, with 26 reports, 21 fraud reports and six reports of hacking, since the platform was established three years ago.

• A teenager assaulted his mother for refusing to buy a toy, and another smashed his father’s car because his phone was pulled.

• Extremist organizations spread ideas of hatred and intolerance through games, after pulling the rug out of “Social Media”.

attractive environment

Dr. Marwan Al Zarooni, CEO of the Dubai Blockchain Center, highlighted governance in the virtual world, and the role of governments in promoting a sustainable and secure experience in metaverse, stressing that the UAE represents an attractive environment for the best specialists and service providers in this field, with the aim of creating an ideal metaverse system, It represents a real leap into the future.

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