Amazing ‘prehistoric human footprints’ found in beach sand near Liverpool


Footprints dating back thousands, if not millions, of years have been found on a British beach.

The prehistoric human footprints have been spotted on Formby Beach near Liverpool.

According to the Liverpool Echo, the announcement of the stunning find was made earlier today on Green Sefton’s Facebook page.

The group, which is a side arm of Sefton Council, shared footage of the find, which appears to show footprints deeply embedded in the sand.

They wrote: “Seven thousand years of sand between our toes – prehistoric human footprints preserved in the sediment beds at Formby this morning.

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“You always get goosebumps when you see a trail of it, a window on the past.

The beach is normally a summer hotspot for British beachgoers

“What were these people doing? What were they thinking? What lives did they lead?

“These footprints were in a small bed of sediment south of the National Trust Victoria Road car park, approximately 100m from the former Tobacco Dump site.

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“The tide will likely wash them out, but more may appear over the next few days.”

A site user asked how he knew the footprints were prehistoric and not just from a bather in recent days.

They said, “Excellent question. It’s all about the depth of the footprints, if you stand on the beds yourself you will barely leave a mark – these footprints were formed when the sediments were much softer thousands of years ago.

Fingerprints are likely to fade over time
Fingerprints are likely to fade over time

This is not the first time that such a find has been made in the region.

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A cast of similar prints is currently in the Liverpool History Museum, although it is unclear when this was discovered.

Another Facebook user wrote: “I saw the cast of these at the Museum of Liverpool a few years ago – would be great to see the real thing.

“I seem to remember that the museum cast was a small group, possibly family, one large adult, one smaller adult, and one child.”

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