Biden Defense Spox John Kirby Denies ‘Wokeness’ Harming Military Recruitment He’s Wrong.


Military recruiters have had one of the most challenging years recruiting brave young men and women since the end of the Vietnam War. The military departments claim there are many reasons for this difficulty, from a tighter job market to young Americans who are either too fat or too stupid… literally.

These are undoubtedly valid and plausible reasons why military recruitment is low this year. Republican lawmakers, however, have raised another possibility: that one contributing factor to why we have a shortage of men and women willing to raise their right hands to protect and defend the Constitution is due to ” wake up’ in the ranks.

With some recent revelations from the military academies and education department of the Department of Defense, some are finally starting to ask these questions in the media.

Unfortunately, former Pentagon press secretary John Kirby was on the receiving end of these questions, and his response, while unsurprisingly, was disappointing.

Toeing The Company Line

John Kirby, now National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications, was interviewed by News Nation host Dan Abrams about the military recruitment issues. Mr Abrams said it bluntly:

“Some on the right have suggested it’s government policy, right? It’s the vaccine demand, it’s the ‘awakened policy’ in the military that makes fewer people want to join? What do you think of that?”

Retired Admiral Kirby dismissed the allegations, stating “there is no evidence of that” and the concern is “a false claim”. I’m not particularly surprised by this answer.

Still, it’s hard to believe that Mr. Kirby buys what he’s trying to sell to the American public – especially given the recent reports surfacing in the DOD.

Off We Go Into The Woke Blue Yonder

GOP lawmakers have consistently sounded the alarm over the military’s wake-up training in recent years. However, the recently organized diversity and inclusion training at the once prestigious United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs has rekindled these previous concerns.

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The training teaches cadets to use words that “encompass all genders” and not to say words like “mama” and “daddy.” The PowerPoint presentation includes a slide that talks about this:

“Some families are led by single parents, grandparents, foster parents, two mothers, two fathers, etc.: think ‘parent or caregiver’ instead of ‘mom and father'”

The slide continues to instruct cadets to:

“Use words that contain all genders: ‘Folks’ or ‘Y’all’ instead of ‘Guys’; ‘partner’ versus ‘boyfriend or girlfriend’”

But the training doesn’t just deal with gender inclusivity. You can’t have diversity and inclusion training without talking about race.

The presentation instructs cadets that they:

“Not ‘color blind’ or ‘I don’t see color’, but color conscious.”

Unfortunately, this training is not a one-off in the military.

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A disturbing trend

Last year, West Point, who graduated as General Ulysses Grant and General Stormin’ Norman’ Schwarzkopf, was brought out when news of their training titled “Understanding Whiteness and White Rage” became public. The training explained to cadets:

“To understand racial inequality and slavery, it is first necessary to address whiteness.”

In May, an email was received and sent to senior leaders and commanders at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, providing instructions on how to write performance reviews and other similar materials, such as prize packages:

“Don’t use pronouns, age, race, etc.”

It is important to note that Andresen AFB falls under the United States Pacific Air Forces Command, which is responsible, among other things, for deterring Chinese aggression in the region.

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Do you think the Chinese military even issues one? millisecond on this nonsense?

Add to that the Navy Pronoun Training Video, the Army Pronoun Mandatory Training, and the Gender Transition Surgery Training. So I think it’s safe to say there’s a prevalence of wakefulness in the military.

Uncle Sam wants you! …to embrace leftist ideology

A US Air Force spokesperson said in defense of diversity and inclusion training:

“It’s the diversity of Airmen and Guardians from all corners of our nation carrying out the Department of the Air Force’s hundreds of critical mission sets that make us the best, most innovative air and space force the world has ever known.”

On this point I have to disagree with them. The courage, sacrifice, guts and tenacity of pilots and, I would say, soldiers, sailors and marines used to make us the best, most innovative, deadly fighting force in the world.

Unfortunately, the integration of what dare I call the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Industrial Complex will make us one of the weakest, most ill-prepared, and ill-equipped military forces on the planet.

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The Air Force Academy training included an exercise in which cadets were divided into small groups to write down as many “G-Animals,” or rather, animals whose names start with a G, as they could think of. These are the future commanders of the United States Air Force and Space Forces.

My daughter does this kind of exercise for school, and she’s six years old. But the worst part of the workout was the set up condition:

“What is said here stays in this room (Let’s support each other).”

A blatant attempt to silence those cadets who rightfully know this type of training does the opposite of what it claims to elevate.

I never thought I’d see the day

Serving my country was one of the best decisions I ever made. I loved being a part of something bigger than myself, serving my country, putting that service above my needs and wants and those of my family, and through those experiences grow into a tough and resilient citizen .

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There are many good reasons to join the armed forces. I completed my bachelor’s and master’s degrees with the help of Tuition Aid and my GI Bill. I’ve traveled the world albeit to some not-so-great locations, but also many incredible places like Greenland where I met my husband.

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But with my own two children, my daughter in particular, looking up to me and wanting to be a soldier when she grows up, just like mommy, I’m not so sure I’d support either of them to join the military like their father and mother did. There are almost as many reasons not to join the list below; just a few I could think of off hand:

I’m sorry to say, Mr. Kirby; that only 9% of the population wants to serve is indeed partly due to ‘waking up’. No denial from you or any other military leaders will change that.

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