Bridges are said to be firming their lean planes towards leadership


Former frontman Simon Bridges tosses his hat in the ring for leading National, according to RNZ.

Simon Bridges speaks to media after Judith Collins loses her leadership
Photo: RNZ / Angus Dreaver

National MPs are busy discussing who they want to take leadership of the party after ousting Judith Collins yesterday.

Yesterday, Bridges said it would take “a day or two” to consider having another leadership lean after Collins leaves as leader.

Collins lost a vote of confidence in the national caucus after her press release late Wednesday night, claiming she stripped Bridges of all her portfolios and intended to demote him to the backseat.

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His decision was linked to allegations of inappropriate comment made to Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean five years ago at a party reception.

Bridges criticized Collins, saying she acted desperately and showed she would do anything to retain leadership.

He spoke to the media after the caucus meeting yesterday, saying he apologized to Dean at the time and again this week.

“I think today in particular I’m an older guy, maybe wiser than me – certainly five or six years ago, but even a few years ago when I was leader of the National Party. .

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“I think I have an idea of ​​what New Zealand needs right now, but let’s think about it. I’ll think about it the next day.”

He ensured that his statements over the past few days that he did not intend to run for management were genuine at the time.

This morning, former Cabinet Minister Chris Finlayson said Bridges and Collins should take the summer recess to consider retiring from politics altogether.

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“Maybe Simon and Judith need to reflect on the events of the past 18 months and consider whether or not they should move on for the sake of the party.”

National deputies are due to meet again on Tuesday to consider a new leader – their fifth in four years.



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