Dave Navarro says long-haul COVID ‘fatigue and isolation’ is ‘pretty awful’


Dave Navarro is suffering from the long-term effects of COVID-19 (Photo: Dominik Bindl/Getty Images)

Count Dave Navarro among those whose COVID-19 case has been extended.

According to multiple news outlets, the Jane’s Addiction rocker said in a since-deleted social media post on Saturday that he remains ill, six months after testing positive for COVID. Typically, mild cases of COVID only last one to two weeks, while more severe cases stick around for six weeks or more, according to Baltimore-based Johns Hopkins University.

“So yeah, I’m one of those who fell with ‘covid long haul,'” Navarro wrote, per NME and Stereogum. “I’ve been sick since December and I’m supposed to be back to my normal selves in…no one knows how long. If any of you are still in pain long after your negative results, I’m just saying you don’t you’re not alone. Fatigue and isolation is pretty awful, but try to spend your time with those you love and stay creative. That’s how I try to get through this thing. Plus, many spiritual practices , meditation and yoga have been very helpful. I’ll be OK, I don’t know when.”

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Still, Navarro said he expects him to feel better eventually.

“Thank you for listening and don’t worry about me,” he wrote. “All indicators point to a full recovery at some point. There’s really nothing more to say about that, so I’d appreciate not getting a bunch of DMs or text messages. Not out of disrespect for you guys i’m so tired of talking about this i’m sure you can imagine.”

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Yahoo Entertainment has reached out to Navarro for comment.

Navarro’s COVID diagnosis forced his band to cancel their set at a Florida music festival, Welcome to Rockville, earlier this month.

Starting in October – with the exception of a show in Chicago on July 31 – Jane’s Addiction is set to open for the Smashing Pumpkins on an arena tour.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 2.5% of COVID patients reported having symptoms three months after infection. Some of these symptoms include tiredness and fatigue that interferes with daily life, which Navarro referred to, but also fever, cough, heart palpitations and neurological problems, such as a change in taste or smell. .

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