Dunkin’ employee reveals ‘annoying’ store after layoff, sparking debate


An alleged Dunkin’ Donuts employee caused quite a stir after she posted several videos of her “nasty” shop on social media.

The former employee, Nev (@nevadazee), shared the videos on TikTok after he quit in an attempt to “expose” the coffee chain. The posts have been viewed more than 4.5 million times and have sparked a debate among viewers about the overall cleanliness of the chain, with some bashing Nev and others bashing the company.

Dunkin’s Cleaning Standards

In 2020, Dunkin’ reportedly joined the P&G Professional CleanPLUS Experience Program, promising to “regularly” disinfect and clean every store with P&G Professional products.

“Our franchisees are committed to providing a restaurant experience every day that meets the health and safety expectations of both their customers and their crews,” said Everett Gasbarro, Dunkin’ Brands Senior Director of Operating Systems, in a press release.

Here, a Dunkin’ employee places a fresh tray of “croissant donuts” on the shelf in New York City. An alleged employee of the chain revealed its “annoying” store on TikTok.
Andrew Burton / Staff / Getty

“We are proud to be one of the first QSR brands to join the P&G Professional CleanPLUS Experience program, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to standards that help our franchisees take additional security measures from guests, restaurant workers and the communities they serve,” Gasbarro continued.

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Paul Edmondson, Vice President, P&G Professional North America, also said Dunkins’ “commitment to cleanliness and guest safety is paramount,” adding that P&G Professional is “honored” to support the company.

However, Nev’s video showed that not all Dunkin’ stores adhere to these standards.

‘Chocolate Slime’

In her first video, Nev takes viewers on a tour of the kitchen and bathroom. The items in the kitchen – powder containers, milking machines, baking trays and syrup bottles – look dirty and part of the bathroom floor is covered in what looks like vomit.

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The second video showed a live cockroach lying on the floor of the store, and the third reportedly showed “spoiled cream.”

“chocolate[olate] slime,” read the text overlay from the third video.

A woman who commented on Nev’s first video under the name Hay, believed to be a former Nev employee, also threw a list of troubling allegations at the store.

“They were trying to get her clean vomit off the floor without the PPE [personal protective equipment]Hay claimed. “In addition, there was once a cockroach in the coconut powder.”

Viewers react

Nev’s videos sparked a debate among viewers, including those who claimed to be Dunkin’ employees, about the chain’s overall cleanliness. Some said most of Dunkin’s locations resemble Nev’s.

“[It] is so in MOST Dunkin’ [stores]. There are exceptions, but there [is] never any training. People just get thrown in,” Ray said.

“There are a lot of stores like this. It’s about speed, not quality,” wrote Ella Parks.

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“Dunkin’ is literally disgusting,” added Zoe.

Others have claimed that their stores are clean and blamed Nev and her team for not doing their job.

“That is not [Dunkin’s] blame, that’s your team’s fault. Disgusting management,” said Tine.

“Looks like you’re not all doing your cleaning duties…I keep my shop clean, stocked and organized. It [shouldn’t] look so bad,’ Jlissa objected.

Sam commented, “It’s not the business, it’s who runs your store. [At] my coffee shop, we are all responsible for cleaning our shop.”

Guerdie wrote: “No the workers [are] just filthy in this shop.”

News week reached out to Nev and Dunkin’ for comment.

More viral posts

Nev isn’t the first Dunkin’ employee to “expose” his workplace publicly.

TikTok user @hannz57 showed off her store’s “nasty” creamer tank when it stopped in April, among other trade secrets.

An employee sparked a public outcry in May after taking a peek inside their understaffed store.

And in June, a former employee named Alayna revealed that her store’s floors were covered in “stinky egg water.”


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