Eritrea accused of launching offensive on Ethiopian Tigray


KAMPALA, Uganda (TNZT) – A spokesman for Tigrayan authorities said on Tuesday that Eritrea has launched a large-scale offensive along the country’s border with northern Ethiopia in what appears to be an escalation of last month’s renewed fighting.

The Eritreans are fighting alongside Ethiopian federal forces, including commando units, as well as allied militias, Getachew Reda said.

“Eritrea deploys its entire army, as well as reservists. Our troops are defending their positions heroically,” he says said on Twitter.

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It was not immediately possible to get comment from authorities in Ethiopia or Eritrea, which is north of Tigray.

Britain and Canada issued travel advisories last week urging their citizens in Eritrea to be vigilant after authorities there called on citizens to report for military service.

Eritrean forces fought alongside Ethiopian federal forces in Tigray when the war started in November 2020. Eritrean forces were involved in some of the worst atrocities committed in the conflict — allegations they deny. The war flared up again in August after a lull in fighting earlier this year.

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The conflict is estimated to have killed tens of thousands of people and left millions without basic services for more than a year.

Within Tigray, millions of residents are still largely cut off from the world. Communications and banking services have been broken and their recovery has been a key requirement in mediation efforts.


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