Exclusive: Bucks County man traveling to Uvalde to review police response to school shooting


WARRINGTON, Pa. (TNZT) – A Bucks County man travels to Uvalde, Texas. It reviews response efforts following last month’s mass shooting that left 19 students and two teachers dead.

“When the call came from the Justice Department, I didn’t hesitate,” Mark Lomax said.

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Lomax is a 27-year veteran of the Pennsylvania State Police and a tactical operations expert serving as a supervisor for the UN in Liberia and West Africa. The Warrington native was recently tapped to be part of a nine-member team traveling to Uvalde to review the response effort following last month’s mass shooting.

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“The goal is to do an after action report that would include the elements that were in place before the incident, i.e. policies, training and understanding between departments, the actual event that happened. product and then release it,” Lomax said.

Authorities in Uvalde have come under heavy criticism, with reports of parents begging officers to enter the primary school while the shooter was still inside.

“Following an after action report that was done at Columbine, this whole paradigm shifted to whoever is first on the scene – patrol, detectives, whoever. uniform, non-uniform – you come in,” Lomax said.

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He says one of the biggest parts of a mission like this is the emotional toll.

“Not only are we aware when we do interviews, or whatever, of the stress that we bring back again, but we are also aware of the team and the support part of how it can affect us personally. “, said Lomax.

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Lessons learned from Uvalde will not only be shared with schools across the country, but also with churches, offices and other businesses.

Mayor of Uvalde says Robb Elementary School will be demolished. He did not give a timeline.

The announcement comes after a senior Texas official said law enforcement’s response to the shooting was “an abject failure”.

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He added that a commander put the lives of officers ahead of children.



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