Force Your Family To Watch Netflix’s # 1 Show This Thanksgiving, “Arcane”


As you gather for Thanksgiving this year, I guess you can watch football, or you can watch something even better, Netflix’s new hit, Arcane.

It’s the season to spread the Arcane gospel to your friends and family, and if you need real, concrete data to back up your suggestion, let’s go:

  • Arcane was the # 1 show on Netflix last week now that all nine episodes have been released, with 38 million hours viewed – 8 million more than second-place Tiger King 2.
  • Arcane has a perfect 100% review score, but most impressive a 98% fan score and a 9.4 on IMDB, putting it in the same league as Breaking Bad, Chernobyl, and Band of Brothers on this site.

Yes, this is an animated series, which will deter some people from jumping. He’s also based on a video game, League of Legends, but feel free to not tell anyone, as that might bias them against him, and the series does a perfect job of building the world and developing its characters without you need to know literally anything. on the game at all. It’s a fantastic world of technology and magic, with a beautiful, sad family story at its heart.

I’ll say Arcane probably isn’t for little kids, given the solidly scary imagery and violence, and a fair amount of profanity. But I would recommend it to most audiences, and it’s a great series for the family to experience while on vacation.

Can you get through all of the Thanksgiving episodes? Well, that might push him. Each episode is 40 minutes long and there are nine of them, so it would be an all-day affair with around 6 hours of show to watch in total. But it is doable! And it could be over over the holiday weekend if you don’t make it all at once.

Guess you can play it safe and do The Princess Switch 3 or Red Notice, but give it a shot! Arcane is really that good, and you can make believers into family members who wouldn’t have otherwise verified it. And if you want more (which you will be), don’t worry, Season 2 has already been lit, and it looks like other shows set in the universe with the same gorgeous animation style are also on the way too. planned.

It’s up to you, but I think you could do a lot worse than preach the Arcane gospel to your family. It’s a fantasy series with unforgettable animation and instantly iconic characters (who of course have been League icons for years, but whatever). If you can convince your family to give it a go, tell me how it’s going, I’m curious.

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