Fortnite’s new season update lets you walk through walls


FortniteThe latest season has arrived and it takes players to a world where everything is shiny and chrome. Fortnite: Chapter 3 Season 4 is called Paradise and brings new powers, weapons and locations into the game, as well as a new battle pass with skins like Spider-Gwen.

The biggest new addition to the game is the Chrome Splash, which allows players to make walls penetrable so you can shoot through them if you want, or even just jump through if that’s easier. Players can also throw the Chrome Splash on themselves, giving them new powers, including the ability to jump in the air (including through walls), and become a silver blob while sprinting.

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Paradise also brings more changes to the map, adding the Herald’s Sanctum as a landmark and updating areas like Condo Canyon to float in the air. These new floating POIs can only be accessed via D-Launchers, which are scattered all over the island.

Players can also find certain weapons that are chrome-plated. These weapons include the EvoChrome Shotgun and EvoChrome Burst Rifle and can be looted from Chrome chests. In addition to their new effects and unique damage, the weapons will also upgrade their rarity as you damage more enemies with them. In addition to the new Chrome weapons, Epic is also bringing back a variety of weapons from last season’s arsenal, as well as weapons that have been in the Vault for the past few seasons.

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