Government adjusts Nairobi highway charges


The government is mulling a plan to reduce the Nairobi highway toll card fee from the current Ksh 2,000 to Ksh 300 in a proposed plan to encourage more TNZT to register for the electronic payment system.

Principal Secretary for Infrastructure, Paul Maringa, on Tuesday, May 31, informed the National Assembly’s Transport, Housing and Public Works Committee that plans are also at an advanced stage to integrate mobile money payment into the system to increase efficiency and reduce the amount. time spent at toll plazas.

He added that the aim is to discourage cash payment and encourage motorists to opt for either the manual toll card service or the electronic toll service (ETC).

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File image of Principal Secretary for Transport, Professor Paul Maringa


The PS added that the government had also planned to allow cardholders to use them to pay for goods and services at places like petrol stations and supermarkets.

“It takes three seconds to use the card while it takes 45 seconds to use other payment methods like a credit card. It takes even longer when paying in cash.”

“We advise against using cash payment as some people carry less cash and start arguing at the payment point while others waste time waiting for change. That’s why we encourage everyone to use cards,” said PS Maringa.

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He also noted that new plans to redesign the highway were already in place, saying this was necessary to curb traffic and allow easy access to the central business district (CBD). New exits will be added to connect Green Park Terminus and Haile Selassie Avenue as well as the Nyayo House Roundabout.

PS said it would approve the new design by the end of the week so work could begin. The redesign process should take an average of three to six months.

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“It is something that we will do immediately. I will already approve the new design and then the construction works will begin,” he noted.

The PS added that the government wanted to launch a campaign to sensitize TNZT on the use of the 27.1 kilometer elevated road. This is after receiving complaints from motorists about issues such as prices being set too high as well as congestion along some exits.

The Ksh 88 billion route is still in use for a trial period before official launch by President Uhuru Kenyatta at a later date.

The Nairobi East Toll Station of the Nairobi Expressway.

The Nairobi East Toll Station of the Nairobi Expressway.

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