‘GTA 6’ Suffers Massive Leakage Of 90 Gameplay Videos


Big trouble at Rockstar this morning as somehow a huge amount of early footage of GTA 6 leaked out, spread over 90 videos currently being posted on all forms of social media.

This comes from GTAforums, where a user called teapotuberhacker, who also claims to be behind the recent Uber hack, posted 90 videos that he claims are from a test version of Grand Theft Auto 6. The images appear to be earlier details of older ones. leaks, including the location, Miami-esque Vice City, and the male and female protagonists. In the images the woman is called Lucia and the man Jason.

In one clip, the player controls Lucia as she robs a restaurant and then flees the police with Jason. In another, Jason stands around and witnesses a very Rockstar-esque conversation between two rednecks by a pool. I’ll link to it rather than embed as I’m sure Rockstar will be removing it from the web here soon. But it’s so much footage, so widely distributed, that they’re probably going to have an impossible time scrubbing it all.

Contrary to some industry leaks, I can’t even bear the idea that this is fake. This is too much footage, with too much detail that would be impossible to fake at this scale. This seems like a real hack and intrusion on Rockstar to produce these images. It’s easy to imagine that this will escalate as Rockstar tries to track down this hacker and bring it to justice, but we’ll see how successful they will be in that endeavor.

But is this… harmful to GTA 6? From the comment I see online, probably not. The clips being posted have been hailed and hugely positive like/dislike ratios on YouTube as fans are especially excited to see GTA 6 and Vice City and these new characters in action. Rockstar Has Been So Absurdly Tight About GTA 6 That Fans Have Been Desperate For Just each footage or information about it, but so far that’s all come from leaks. First, about the location and protagonists, now this huge, massive leak of real gameplay videos, where even if it’s covered in debug tools and the use of placeholder assets, it looks pretty good considering the game probably 2+ years away. It is easy to imagine that it will be quite excellent after a lot more work and polishing.

Rockstar has yet to release a statement on the leak, but I imagine they need to address it, as this is substantive content, not just empty rumours. I will update this post with their statement when it is released.

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