Kentucky court suspends prosecutor who asked for nude photos


MOREHEAD, Ky. — The Kentucky Supreme Court has suspended an eastern Kentucky prosecutor who promised to help a defendant in exchange for nude photos.

Ronnie Goldy is the Commonwealth Solicitor for Bath, Menifee, Montgomery and Rowan counties. Although the court temporarily suspended him, it said in its Friday injunction that only the General Assembly can remove Goldy from office through impeachment, the Courier Journal reported.

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Earlier, the newspaper reported that Goldy exchanged 230 pages of Facebook messages with a female defendant. Goldy testified at a Sept. 8 hearing that he could not remember sending the messages, but did not deny that he had. The woman has testified that in exchange for photos, Goldy withdrew arrest warrants and allowed cases to continue. She also said she had sex with the prosecutor.

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In addition to the suspension, Goldy also faces possible suspension. He did not immediately respond to a report from the newspaper.



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