Law comes for Madison Cawthorn after spending illegal campaign money


Representative Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) went on a bounce and burned money that was just for the general election, and now the FEC is threatening him.

The Washington Examiner reported:

The Federal Election Commission threatened outgoing Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) with possible legal enforcement action for failing to report his campaign’s finances in the weeks before and after his primary defeat on May 17.


Cawthorn filed an organizational statement with the FEC on July 15, identifying himself as the treasurer and custodian of the data for his campaign, a move that could expose him to personal civil liability if the FEC sanctions his campaign for failing to manage his finances. reported on July 15. time.

Rep. Cawthorn raised $3.5 million for his reelection campaign, but somehow ended up nearly $200,000 in debt after losing the Republican primary.

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The Daily Beast detailed Cawthorn’s lavish and out of control spending. Cawthorn spent money on consulting fees for his friends, Florida hotel rooms, booze, cigars and food.

Madison Cawthorn also has to pay back donors who gave him $220,000 in general election donations. Cawthorn wasn’t allowed to spend that money, but he burned it all.

Cawthorn’s political career is probably over.

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Stealing from his campaign seems pretty tame compared to carrying guns at airports and multiple DUIs, but it looks like Madison Cawthorn’s troubles will haunt him long after he leaves the house.


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