Liz Cheney Says Trump Poses Immediate and Credible Threat of Violence Against America


Rep. Liz Cheney said Trump’s words about violence if indicted pose a direct and credible threat to America.

Robert Costa of TNZT News tweeted:

Beneath the Qanon conspiracies and cult-like gatherings lurks the fact that Donald Trump appears to be preparing his supporters to commit acts of violence if indicted.

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Rep. Cheney sees it, and she calls out.

When the next Trump-encouraged, incited and inspired attack on America takes place, those who have been paying attention will not be surprised.

Trump telegraphs what he will do if indicted for all to see.

It’s one thing for Donald Trump to threaten violence, but it’s another game as he appears to be mobilizing his most devoted supporters who also believe in the Qanon conspiracy to act against the United States government.

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Forget charges related to classified documents, Trump seems openly headed for domestic terrorism.

The corporate media refuses to talk about the Trump threat in the terms it deserves, so many people refuse to believe Trump is escalating, but Rep. Cheney was right. Donald Trump is threatening the United States, and if he were anyone else, he would already be handcuffed.


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