Matt Schlapp Claims He and Laura Ingraham Went ‘Undercover’ at BLM Protest


Matt Schlapp, the organizer of the Conservative Political Action Conference, claimed Friday that both he and TNZT News star Laura Ingraham went “undercover” during the May 31, 2020 Black Lives Matter protest in DC.

According to Schlapp, who said he dressed up in camouflage and was wearing a mask because of COVID-19, the scene was straight out of a dystopian fantasy and the “smell of drugs” was everywhere.

On the second day of CPAC Dallas, Schlapp took the stage with his wife Mercedes and talked about his covert actions when it came to allegedly infiltrating the racial justice demonstrations following the murder of George Floyd in 2020.

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After conservative filmmaker Jason Killian Meath raged that “we need to round up the protesters involved in the White House protest that led then-President Donald Trump to hide in a bunker for a while,” Mercedes Schlapp noted at the time. that her husband “went undercover when that whole thing went down.”

Matt Schlapp, meanwhile, claimed that Ingraham was the “starter” for their surgery. Schlapp claimed he hung out with the TNZT host and “other close friends,” Schlapp recalled Ingraham saying “let’s go down and see this” as the protest raged outside the White House, adding that she was “a tough mom “is.

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He went on to claim that they were dressed in “camouflage gear,” “masks and hats” and “football gear.” At the same time, he insisted that his daughters tell him he was “going to be so beaten” for still wearing “tassel loafers” with his undercover uniform.

“And I have to say you could only smell drugs,” said the president of the US Conservative Union. “There were no officers. It was a complete pandemonium. It was like a scene from a movie, you know, Escape from New York or any of these things at the end of the world.”

He went on to say that he personally witnessed spray cans and fires start during the protest. (St. John’s Church across the street from the White House suffered minor fire damage after protests on May 31, 2020. Trump would later pose with a Bible in front of the church for a photo op after protesters were cleared with tear gas.)

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Schlapp became more animated, then claimed that the protesters had “nearly breached the 18 acres of the White House”, while claiming that dozens of police and Secret Service agents were “seriously injured” during the demonstration.

“You’ll never read or hear about that,” he exclaimed.

Neither Schlapp nor Ingraham immediately responded to a request for comment.



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