Meghan and Harry warned Jubilee ‘is not about them’ and should not upstage the Queen


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been told they have to accept their role on the sidelines of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee because it’s “not about them”.

The Sussexes are due to travel to the UK on their first joint visit since leaving the company in 2020 this week to join in celebrations of Her Majesty’s 70th birthday.

However, in a desperate open letter to the couple, prominent royal photographer Arthur Edwards pleaded with them to take a back seat.

Writing in The Sun, Mr Edwards said: “Dear Harry and Meghan.

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“I’m sure you’re both already aware, this week’s historic public holiday celebrations are meant to commemorate the remarkable reign of Queen Elizabeth.

“And, with all due respect, it’s not about you two.”

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The couple are set to bring their entire family to the UK

In a measured attack on the couple’s past love of the spotlight, Mr Edwards went on to say the couple missing the color balcony display parade would be difficult for them, but it’s a decision they would have had to expect and respect.

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He also demanded that they leave their “Netflix team behind and allow the Queen to take center stage”.

He concluded: “Please, Harry and Meghan, don’t let Her Majesty down and, for once, take a back seat. Let the real star of Jubilee shine.”

Public appearances by Meghan and Harry at Jubilee celebrations are thought to be rare.

The Queen will take center stage

The royal couple are expected to attend a service at St Paul’s Cathedral, as well as other minor charity events, although this is yet to be confirmed.

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The couple, who now reside in Montecito, California, are also believed to be spending time with Her Majesty at Windsor Castle ahead of the events.

The service on Friday June 3 will be a traditional service of thanksgiving and it is currently expected that the Queen will attend.

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