Meghan and Harry’s popularity drops to low just days before Jubilee


Controversial royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s popularity is at an all-time low, according to a new poll.

YouGov poll experts asked 1,692 UK adults if they felt positive or negative about all the Royals.

And the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s popularity has plummeted ahead of the Queen’s Jubilee weekend celebrations.

While the couple will be in the UK for the events, they cannot officially attend as they are no longer classified as royals.

And while eight out of 10 people have a positive opinion of the Queen, her grandson Prince Harry holds a net score of -26, down from -25 in March.

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Only 23% of the public look favorably on Harry

Only one in three people see Harry in a positive light, compared to more than half – 58% – who think of him negatively.

YouGov data reporter Connor Ibbetson said: “Meghan Markle is also at her lowest favor score ever, at -42.

“Only 23% of the public have a positive opinion of the Duchess of Sussex, while almost two in three (63%) have a negative opinion.

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“The Sussexes remain positively viewed among young people, but by a narrow margin. Four in ten people aged 18-24 (42%) view Harry positively and 33% view him negatively – a net score of +9. “This younger age group is more narrowly split on Meghan with a net score of +2, as 38% view her positively and 36% negatively.

YouGov found that the royal couple were not well liked by the British public
YouGov found that the royal couple were not well liked by the British public

“Harry and Meghan are both frowned upon by older generations. Their popularity gradually declines with each age bracket, reaching a low of -65 and -79 respectively among Britons aged 65 and over.

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It was good news for Harry’s brother, but Prince William is still the second most popular Windsor with 75% positive opinions of him and 16% negative opinions.

Wife Kate follows her husband closely, as 70% say they have a positive impression of her, compared to 15% who have a negative one, giving her a net score of +55.

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