Musk says Twitter deal should go through if it proves real accounts


:Elon Musk said that if Twitter Inc. his method of sampling 100 accounts and how it confirmed that the accounts are real, his $44 billion deal to buy the company should go through on the original terms.

“If their SEC filings are found to be materially inaccurate, then they shouldn’t be,” Musk tweeted early Saturday morning.

In response to a Twitter user who asked if the US SEC is investigating “dubious claims” from the company, Musk tweeted “Good question, why not?”.

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Twitter on Thursday rejected Musk’s claim that he was misled into signing the deal to buy the social media company, saying it was “incredible and inconsistent with the facts.”

According to Musk, the billionaire founder of multiple companies advised by Wall Street bankers and lawyers, he was tricked by Twitter into signing a $44 billion merger agreement, Twitter reported Thursday.

Musk filed a counterclaim on Twitter on July 29, escalating his legal battle with the social media company over its bid to walk away from its $44 billion purchase.

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