Netizens blame Taapsee Pannu for her reaction to Raju Srivastava’s demise, saying ‘she will be…’


It seems as if Taapsee Pannu is still madly in love with the paparazzi. Since the day she had a heated argument with a media photographer during Dobaara promotions, Pannu doesn’t look like entertaining the daddy.

The country’s favorite comedian, Raju Srivastava, passed away on Wednesday with a broken heart behind his fans. That same day, Taapsee was also spotted in town and asked to comment on the comedian’s passing. As soon as the reporter asked her the question, Taapsee became angry and as she walked she said, “Kya bolun.” Pannu walked on and when she noticed that the media was blocking her way, Pannu was imprisoned and said: “Arey bhai sahab, aap ek minute, aap ek minute. Aap hatiye, aap aise mat kariye, thoda hatiye, piche hatiye.” The pink star found her way out, she said “Thank you” and walked away.

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Once the video was circulated, several netizens found Taapsee’s behavior “weird.” Some even said she became Jaya Bachchan 2.0. One user wrote: “Pura pagal dikh rahi hai.” Another user wrote: “She turns into #jayabachchan #angrybachchan.” One of the users wrote: “Flop actress k tantrum.” One netizen wrote, “she should have given her famously benevolent response to the media.”

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There were also users who supported her, and they questioned Dad’s ethics. One user wrote: “What the hell are they doing. No ethics.” Another user wrote: “#paparazzi yrr tm bhi to hadd m rho…. Khin bhi kuch bhi…. Aabe tm uske upt mike lekr jaoge.” One netizen wrote: “These media people are sick, they don’t care about other people. Girna h toh gir jao hume bss photo dedo.”

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Taapsee’s last film Dobaara garnered mixed to positive reactions from critics. However, the film didn’t do wonders at the box office. Pannu will next be seen opposite Shah Rukh Khan in Rajkumar Hirani’s Dunki.



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