Nurseries should avoid using ‘sexist’ masculine and feminine pronouns


Campaigners in Scotland have expressed concern that the state is forcing gender ideology on children by ordering nurseries to avoid the use of “sexist” masculine and feminine pronouns.

Activists in Scotland have warned the country’s state regulator may be using daycare centers to force gender ideology on children, with campaigners revealing that childcare facilities in the country have been ordered to avoid the use of masculine and feminine pronouns, which the state regulator now deems sexist labeled.

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Scotland led the way in Britain’s crusade for transgenderism, with a high-ranking minister in the state’s devolved government earlier this year even mixing criticism of gender ideology with racism, while insisting she didn’t care what the so-called “Daily Mail” — were readers. thought.

According to a report by The timesThe campaign group For Women Scotland has now expressed concern over a 64-page document published by a state body of Scotland’s ruling progressive government that instructs nurseries in the country to avoid gender-based language around children.

The document, co-written by the progressive NGO Zero Tolerance, instructs childcare providers to “[u]se more inclusive pronouns”, as well as to “[s]substitute sexist language for inclusive synonyms,” such as the word “man-made” for “manufactured” and “Mr. Squirrel” for just “squirrel.”

The document also asks child caregivers to help children “think about their language” and to “[c]challenging behavior that shows signs of gender discrimination”.

“We are concerned that children may be forced to use their pronouns when referring to other children,” Marion Calder of For Women Scotland said of the document.

Meanwhile, Simon Calvert of the Christian Institute warned that if Scottish nurseries were turned into “indoctrination centres,” many parents would not use them at all.

“Parents, especially believers, will think twice about sending their kids to these places if they become gender ideology indoctrination centers,” Calvert said, stressing that people just “have to”[l]and children are children”.

Such a warning is unlikely to stop Scotland’s progressive government from continuing its progressive crusade, as a high-ranking minister in the country said earlier this year that it simply doesn’t care what certain voters think of the issue.

Lorna Slater, who accused “certain right-wing American groups” of dumping money into transgender-critical organizations in the UK, said she didn’t care what “Daily Mail” readers thought about her transgender ideology.

The green agenda-loving politician described those who would challenge her government on the issue as so-called “climate deniers”.

“We wouldn’t strike a balance on the issue of racism or anti-Semitism, but we allow this fictitious notion of balance when it comes to anti-trans [views]’ she said, denouncing attempts to discuss people with dissent as ‘disgusting’.

The country is now trying to make it possible for all persons over the age of 16 to change gender legally without medical consultation, although this so-called “gender recognition reform” now appears to be being challenged by Britain’s new Prime Minister, Liz Truss. .

“She has asked legal teams to prioritize how to ‘interrupt or prevent’ the Gender Recognition Act in Scotland. I wouldn’t be surprised if Truss successfully shuts it down,” a whistleblower reportedly told Vice News about the legislation.

“Truss is concerned that transgender people from England, Wales and Northern Ireland could travel to Scotland to gain legal gender recognition and then return to where they actually live,” said another. “She is outraged at what Scotland could do for women’s rights in the rest of the UK by going through with this plan, but she is also concerned for Scotland.”

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