OLUS launches with its asset tokenization platform


Oraichain Labs US was launched with the aim of modernizing and broadening access to capital markets.

Oraichain Labs US (OLUS), a new FinTech startup founded in the United States, announced on Wednesday, September 21, that it is launching with its asset tokenization platform.

According to the press release shared with TNZT, OLUS is designed to modernize and broaden access to capital markets by positioning itself as a leader in asset fractionation.

The team added that it would develop a secure, scalable and compliance-focused infrastructure, aiming to harness the transformative power of decentralized ledger technology to streamline the process for owners and investors alike.

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OLUS said it would use blockchain technology to meet the rising demand for on-chain expertise, developing a secure and easy-to-use platform for fractionating real-world assets.

The platform’s blockchain-based workflows for asset issuance, management and investment would hopefully revolutionize capital markets.

In addition, the company said it would provide tools to support on-chain validation of real-world assets, providing new ways to access liquidity while keeping compliance at the forefront.

OLUS is also partnering with the Oraichain Foundation on technology in an effort to develop a compliance-aware token standard capable of enforcing KYC, transfer rules, lockout periods, and other control functions. These are designed to make it easier for investors to comply with regulatory requirements.

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OLUS said its issuance workflows are flexible and can support different types of investments in a compliant manner. Individuals and organizations can use the OLUS platform to define and register assets by providing the required documentation on-chain.

The company said it has also developed systems designed to streamline due diligence for insurers and buyers of private assets.

With this in mind, asset publishers can upload documentation for each asset to a decentralized file storage platform that is hashed on-chain and stored permanently in its metadata repository.

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After that, asset owners can update this documentation regularly, giving investors a near real-time snapshot of performance, health factors and cash flows.

OLUS said it would initially focus on bringing the value of its infrastructure to property owners and small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in the United States, before expanding into other asset classes.

Oraichain Labs US is a FinTech development company focused on creating regulatory compliant and secure tokenization products for real-world and digital assets. Oraichain Labs US


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