Palazzo Fiuggi: a palatial wellness retreat opens in the famous Italian village of natural springs


Fiuggi has been famous for its healing natural springs for hundreds of years, and there is now a wellness destination that lives up to the village’s reputation for restorative care. Fiuggi Palace opened this year in an opulent and expansive property adorned with chandeliers and Carrara marble, about two hours from Rome. Clients come here to immerse themselves in wellness and medical programs seeking better health, recovery, focus and weight loss.

As we close 2021, here’s why you’ll want to book a trip to Palazzo Fiuggi in 2022 to look and feel better.

Healing water

Since the beginning of the 14th century, people have traveled to Fiuggi to enjoy the rich minerality and rejuvenating powers of the local water. “It is best known for restoring the kidneys and balancing the immune system, mineral water has been scientifically proven to cleanse and purify,” says the spa and medical director of Palazzo Fiuggi, Professor David Della Morte Canosci. At Palazzo Fiuggi, water is incorporated into every program. Water-related experiences range from relaxing thalassotherapy sessions to invigorating Scottish showers that promise to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and reduce cellulite. Of course, to enjoy the famous Fiuggi water, you have to drink large amounts of it. When you stay at Palazzo Fiuggi there is no alcohol or coffee served, instead you will drink Fiuggi still or sparkling water and a range of teas.

State-of-the-art machines and treatments

While Palazzo Fiuggi offers exceptional spa and beauty treatments, what really sets this property apart is the amazing technology and scientific knowledge on site. There are advanced programs like Life Rewind and Deep Detox which include retinal scans, deep sleep quality testing, liver / abdomen ultrasound assessment, body composition assessment, TNZT testing, cryotherapy and Psammo therapy (an ancient practice that uses sand heat). The on-site motion lab also offers futuristic devices such as Icaros VR machines and Reaxing Training. Icaros VR is a particularly unique experience where you simulate a flight or a dive in space using a helmet and your body movements. You also get a great workout along the way.

Experiencing a pandemic, there are also programs that specifically deal with health issues that may have formed due to COVID-19 at Palazzo Fiuggi. Their COVID 19 POST program was launched this fall and assesses the organs and systems that may have been weakened by Covid-19. “The program is designed to support and rebuild a resilient and enhanced immune system,” explains Della Morte Canosci. “Our COVID treatments are very powerful because it is a multi-organ approach method.”

Food as medicine

Food plays a very important role during your stay at Palazzo Fiuggi and you have the chance to enjoy the nutritious creations of Michelin star chef Heinz Beck. He is the mastermind behind several books that recognize the healing powers of food and bring this philosophy to Palazzo Fiuggi. “With the ‘Heinz Beck Food Lines’ we wanted to create a new concept of food; not just a ‘diet’ to follow, but a nutritional model full of tastes, flavors and positive emotions for our guests, ”says Beck. “Each line of food is calibrated to the needs of each client and I firmly believe that a healthy and balanced diet will help our bodies to fight against most recent diseases caused by a bad and unbalanced diet.”

A stay at Palazzo Fiuggi makes it possible to reevaluate their health, fitness and nutrition, while staying in a magnificent historic property.



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