Plastic surgeon calls on Russians to get ‘patriotic boob job’ to help Ukraine war


A Russian plastic surgeon has claimed he has sparked strong interest in his new line of ‘patriotic boobies’ amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Yevgeny Dobreykin, 35, is offering military-camouflaged breast implants decorated with the Russian flag to a bizarre new wave of Russians looking to show their patriotism on their skin.

A promotional video showed a model claiming to have had the surgery and saying the implants make her “feel like a patriot even though I’m not wearing clothes”.

But the so-called pro-Putin breast work appears to be fake as Dobreykin admits he hasn’t performed any surgeries yet.

Yevgeny Dobreykin alleged that many women contacted him within hours for the operation

Dobreykin said he hasn’t given any patriotic chest work yet to keep the Russian flag a little closer to his heart, but despite that he boasts of having “done 7,000 beauties” in his career.

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The surgeon added that he wanted to appeal to the patriotic mood linked to the war with Ukraine.

Dobreykin said, “We thought such patriotic themes would be something new and fresh. We didn’t expect them to make so much noise.

“But overall, some kind of backlash and criticism, healthy and unhealthy, is what we’re ready for.”

Yevgeny Dobreykin claims he was approached by 20-30 women for patriotic plastic surgeries
Yevgeny Dobreykin claims he was approached by 20-30 women for patriotic plastic surgeries

The new line is called Rosgrud, which means Russian boobs, and Dobreykin said many women were interested in its offering almost immediately.

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Surgeon Dobreykin continued, “In two hours, 20-30 people wrote in and got interested. And then I stopped counting.

“It’s not that anyone signed up for the operation, we offered it as a test to see and see if we need to run such a campaign with implants.

“We have official implant suppliers, and it is possible to make individual designs.”

Dobreykin revealed he has yet to perform Patriotic surgery
Dobreykin revealed he has yet to perform Patriotic surgery

The surgeon denied that his new advertisement and subsequent patriotic boob job advertisement were a publicity stunt despite the rising costs of breast enhancement procedures due to Western sanctions.

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Dobreykin said: “The price of implants has increased by two to three times. This is not trolling, we are serious. We have published such a proposal to see how the public will react.

Camouflage implants are offered by Dobreykin Patriotic Plastic Surgery
Camouflage implants are offered with the Russian flag by Dobreykin Patriotic Plastic Surgery

The surgeon also alleged that negative comments on the ad came mostly from Ukrainians.

He said: “Negative comments are mostly written by Ukrainians. Everyone took them perfectly well. The strength is not only in truth, but also in beauty.”

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