Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice Pay Solemn Tribute to Grandmother Queen Elizabeth II


For her millions of subjects in the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II existed in thin air. But to her granddaughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie – who together praised the late Royal Saturday in an Instagram post – she was just “Grandma”.

“Our dearest grandmother,” the statement began on Princess Eugenie’s Instagram page. “We haven’t been able to say much since you left us all. There are tears and laughter, silences and chatter, hugs and loneliness, and a collective loss to you, our beloved queen and our beloved grandmother.”

“We thought, like many, that you would be here forever,” they continued. “And we all miss you terribly. You were our matriarch, our guide, our loving hand on our back that led us through this world. You taught us so much and we will cherish those lessons and memories forever.”

“You, who are you, will never know the impact you have had on our family and on so many people around the world,” they continued. “The world is mourning you and the tribute would really make you smile. They are all too true for the remarkable leader that you are.”

The two royals certainly have a point, as figures like former President Barack Obama, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, pop legend Elton John and Harry Styles have all publicly shared their condolences.

“We’re so glad you’re back with Grandpa,” the princesses wrote. “Hello dear grandma, it was the honor of our lives to have been your granddaughters and we are so very proud of you. We know that dear Uncle Charles, the King, will continue to set your example, as he too has devoted his life to service.



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