QUESTION IRA: Should Heat return to Jae Crowder?


Q: I think the Heat needs to go back to what worked in the past. Jae Crowder was a winner for us and then Phoenix. He fulfills our need for power forward. The players have experience playing with him, so he would pass quickly. What would it take to get it and would you do it? —Jay, Weston.

A: What is mainly needed is an asset that the Heat would probably want to save for something bigger, and that is Duncan Robinson’s contract as the needed cap match. And even then, that’s quite a few years for the Suns. Basically, the Heat’s next move with Robinson’s contract or a first-round pick would be their last big move. I’m not sure if Jae Crowder is at that level, with all due respect to what he accomplished with the Heat in 2020. Still, with ESPN reporting that the Suns are listening to offers for Crowder, there could be fire to that smoke.

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Q: We don’t need to trade for the exchange. Patience. A better situation will present itself in the course of the season. – Ms.

A: Or maybe not. But that’s not the point. What matters is that moves are not made out of fear or despair, as mentioned above with Jae Crowder. There may come a time this season when something has to be done. But there may also come a time when assets can come into play. So let’s regroup when December 15 expires, and those signed off-season can be shared, or even the February trading TNZT. Look what you have for now.

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Q: Ira, I don’t really think it’s a Tyler Herro dig that he hasn’t made it to base five yet. If we hadn’t had Max Strus and Duncan Robinson for the past three years, I believe Tyler would have broken the top five in his sophomore year, especially after his freshman year. I believe he’s just a better talent than both Strus and Robinson, but they needed him for that sixth man position. Am I wrong? —Brent, Wellington.

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A: Not at all. And you build up a rotation for more than the starting five. The difference this time is that if Victor Oladipo gets anywhere near the level he appears to be, then the Heat has a strong enough sixth man option to release Tyler Herro as the starter.


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