Spain arrests 32 allegedly ties to Italian ‘ndrangheta mob


MADRID (TNZT) – Spain has arrested 32 members of an organized crime group linked to Italy’s ‘ndrangheta mafia for alleged links to large-scale drug trafficking and money laundering, Europol said on Tuesday.

The criminal gang, whose members are described as highly violent, are believed to be involved in the cocaine and cannabis trade between Spain and Italy, transporting the drugs hidden in speedboats and reinvesting the criminal profits in Spanish real estate, it said. the police station.

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Among those arrested were Italians, Albanians and Hungarians.

Authorities seized 18 kilograms (40 pounds) of amphetamine, 4.5 kilograms (10 pounds) of cocaine, firearms, 300,000 euros in cash (about $300,000) and 600 cannabis plants.

The operation took place on two different days last week on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza and involved 500 law enforcement officers from the Spanish Guardia Civil, the Italian Carabinieri and Guardia de Finanza, supported by the European police and justice authorities, Europol and Eurojust.

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Some 40 homes were also searched in the Spanish coastal cities of Barcelona, ​​Málaga and Tenerife.

The Calabrian ‘ndrangheta mafia is considered by Italian prosecutors to be the most important criminal organization in the western world. Some of those arrested are linked to a number of murders in Italy, prosecutors say.


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