Start of green ballot on coalition agreement and personal data



Start of green ballot on coalition agreement and personal data

Before the Greens enter a government for the first time since 2005, the base is needed: all party members can now vote on the outcome of talks with the SPD and FDP. The road from the finalized coalition agreement to the vote was bumpier than expected.

The boss of the Greens, Robert Habeck, will become vice-chancellor as well as Minister of Climate and Energy, co-boss Annalena Baerbock Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Clemens Bilan / EPA

A day later than expected, the Greens’ strike vote on the coalition agreement with the SPD and the FDP begins this Friday. The 125,000 party members can also vote electronically – or, where appropriate, by post – on future green ministers. Internal disputes over the planned occupancy of ministerial posts had delayed the start of the strike vote.

The left wing refused to fill a ministerial post with Realo Cem Özdemir, as it could cost left-wing parliamentary group leader Anton Hofreiter the hoped-for ministerial post – and that’s what happened. As a result, three of the five proposed green ministers are now unacceptable, two are from the left. Three women confront two men.

The boss of the Greens should be vice-chancellor

The former Özdemir party leader is now on the verge of becoming Minister of Agriculture and Food. He would be the Prime Minister of Turkish origin. The boss of the Greens, Robert Habeck, will become Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Climate and Energy, co-boss Annalena Baerbock, as expected, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Ministry of the Environment will take over the former federal director Steffi Lemke. Rhineland-Palatinate Climate Minister Anne Spiegel will become Minister of Families – a post she previously held also at state level. The current Vice-President of the Bundestag, Claudia Roth, will become Minister of State for Culture and Media.

First vote king in federal elections

The hours of bickering and quarrels that could no longer be hidden were unusual. Since the assumption of office of the two presidents Habeck and Baerbock in early 2018, the Greens had found a previously rare unity. After the Bundestag elections in September, both were considered ministers – but with that, two out of five positions were given to Reallos from the start. Hofreiter was also seen as a safe candidate for ministerial posts. A third man would have been difficult with the Greens, who have traditionally let women go first, which is why it has become tight for Özdemir.

Cem Özdemir will become Minister of Agriculture and Food.

Cem Özdemir will become Minister of Agriculture and Food.


But the eloquent Baden-Württemberg resident not only sets the eye on the left wing, he at least has determined defenders. After all, he got 40 percent in his constituency of Stuttgart and therefore was the king of the nation’s first green vote in federal elections. Baden-Württemberg Finance Minister Danyal Bayaz said on Twitter on Thursday.

According to previous information from the party, the vote among the Greens is expected to last ten days. A simple majority is therefore necessary for the adoption of the coalition agreement and the approval of the staff council. There is no quorum. In the SPD and FDP, party congresses have yet to approve the coalition agreement.


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