The Viral 12-Foot Home Depot Skeleton Is Sold Out, But These Halloween Decorations Have the Same Wow Factor


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Unless you’ve marked the date on your calendar, it’s unlikely you caught the famous 12-foot Home Depot skeleton — aptly named Skelly — during their Halloween presale last July. The ever-popular, social media well-known skeleton has become a huge hit in recent years and sold out months before Halloween.

While you may be heartbroken that your yard isn’t decorated with this mega-tall bony figure with glowing eyes, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the decorating fun this fall season. There is still a plethora of great Halloween decorations in stock, whether you’re looking for a great Home Depot skeleton dupe or a piece that commands as much admiration and attention as Skelly herself.

Here are our picks for the best Halloween decorations you can still get before October sneaks up on you too soon!

Seasonal Visions Towering 8-Foot Skeleton

If you want a stock skeleton that’s as close to dupe as you’ll ever find for the 12-foot skeleton — glowing eyes and all — then look no further than Best Buy’s 8-foot skeleton from Seasonal Visions International. Though he’s four feet shorter than the sold-out Home Depot skeleton, this lively dupe actually talks in very apt Halloween slang (unlike Skelly) and has a movable jaw. He’s a great conversation piece to hide outside or even take inside to participate in a lively Halloween party. You’ll struggle to set it up at the end of the season, and that’s completely understandable! He’s very sweet, bones and all.

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Haunted Living 8.5-ft Illuminated Animatronic Reaper

Not only do you get impressive heights with Lowe’s 8.5-foot illuminated Animatronic Reaper, you also get full conversations. The tall, chatty animatronic mower with glowing eyes is a great statement piece in your home or under a covered porch and will intimidate even the bravest trick-or-treaters, but it’s all fun. It will quickly become one of your favorite Halloween staples and you will be hesitant to store it in the garage for all those long months.

Animated Dueling Banjo Skeletons

Although the skeleton is 3 meters high, these cute animated dueling banjo skeletons from Walmart deliver jovial fun. Dressed in plaid shirts, burlap hats and jeans, these musical skeletons engage in some witty banter before playing some lively banjo tunes. You’ll find it hard to sit still once the music kicks in, and with the way their skeleton fingers strum over those two banjos, you’ll struggle to realize it’s all animatronic.

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Haunted Living 7-ft Illuminated Animatronic Dapper Skeleton

If you’d rather have your Halloween skeletons dressed in the best of the season, look no further than Lowe’s 7-Ft lighted animatronic Dapper skeleton. Costumed with a suit, bow tie, top hat and wingtip shoes, this handsome, well-dressed skeleton has LED-lit eyes, a movable jaw and an arm that takes off his hat with every clever saying — there are five sayings total. It will definitely be a standout at any party or gathering you host this fall. And he is always the lord!

Ghost Halloween 6 Ft Bog Zombie Animatronic

Spirit Halloween is not just a pop-up store to buy last minute Halloween costumes. The seasonal store also stocks an impressive array of Halloween outdoor decorations, with an abundance of them that will inspire awe. There’s the talkative 6-Foot Grim Animatronic skeleton pictured above, and the 6-Foot Buzzsaw Animatronic, but if you’re looking for an entertaining piece that will stand out and impress as much as the 12-foot Home Depot skeleton, look for then no further than the 6-Foot Bog Zombie Animatronic. The creepy figure with glowing eyes slowly sways his stained teeth and gums on display, making terrifying zombie noises that even the grown-ups wonder if it’s real. You won’t want to cross paths with this swamp zombie!

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12 ft Animated Floating Witch Halloween Animation

While Home Depot’s 12-foot skeleton may have been its most famous Halloween decoration, the home improvement company certainly raised the bar this year with the debut of several new towering outdoor decorating figures. There’s the impressive 12-foot animated floating witch (pictured above), which inspires the same audience as the 12-foot skeleton; the creepy, 15-foot towering Phantom, a terrifying figure even taller than Skelly; and our personal favorite, the 9.5 Foot Animated Immortal Werewolf. Like the 12-foot skeleton, this animatronic werewolf draws visitors to your yard in the days leading up to and after Halloween. The growling, motion-activated figure with glowing LCD eyes has incredible detail everywhere from the worn buffalo plaid shirt to the yellow, sharp fangs and massive legs. His flashing eyes are amazing, and once you see him tilt his head back to cry, you’ll be afraid to wander out of the house, and we can’t say we blame you! But he really is a friendly dog, despite appearances.

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