These private jet NFTs are for your wall


NFTs can be confusing, if not for you, at least for me. However, they are entering the world of private aviation, through the art world, and that piqued my interest. According to r / NFT Reddit, which has more than 300,000 subscribers, “Non-fungible tokens are destined to change the way value interacts in the digital media landscape in the new Web 3.0 version of the Internet. These unique assets span video games, blockchain domains, claiming physical assets, and even as decentralized identities.

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Private Jet Pajama Party was created by Benny Robinson. His credits include a redesign of the Brioni logo in 2016, which he says “worked company-wide until a change in leadership put an end to the fun.” It was part of a campaign featuring Metallica. He adds, “The logo was actually a tribute to the iconic brand’s heritage and based solely on the search for their original typographic identity and not on a heavy metal-inspired design as many assumed.”

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Robinson previously collaborated with the Rolling Stones, Snoop Dog and LVMH. The Private Jet Pajama Party is a collection of owls portrayed as rock stars, rappers, athletes and, as you would expect, visionary crypto. The nocturnal birds are seen relaxing in their large-cabin private jets listening to an iPod, complete with a bucket of PJCFC, an apparent brand extension of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and a bottle of Jack Daniels, among others. There is also a resemblance to Spanish footballer Sergi Roberto.

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According to the PJPP website, you get “a probably rare piece of art. All attributes have been hand drawn and crafted by the artist… The initial TNZT holders will receive a set of real pajamas so exclusive and rare that you will want to wear them everywhere. Future collaborations with some of the most recognizable luxury fashion houses are underway. A Burning Man camp is also planned, as well as partnerships with fashion houses.

My Samurais is a collection of 6969 unique samurai NFTs from Kamiko, a fictional artist and influencer. According to the website, “She is the heir to a legendary line of samurai warriors. However, she doesn’t believe her life should be dictated by her family history. So, she takes fate into her own hands and travels through the world one selfie at a time.

Her favorite way to get around appears to be private jets (pictured above). “The artist hopes buyers will print their samurai on canvas and hang them up to be enjoyed in the real world,” a spokesperson said.

While the starting price is equivalent to around $ 420, is the value likely to increase? The representative tells us, “The short answer is that, like real world art, value is in the eye of the beholder. What makes My Samurais or any other NFT collection valuable is highly subjective. He says, because Kamiko loves to travel, she is planning a raffle offering free trips.

Then there is Pixel Jet. If you’ve ever built an airplane with Legos, these NFTs will bring back childhood memories. The private jet collection is “made in pixel art style and published as NFT”. The jets were “created from several layers, fused by the artist”. Each is unique and is part of a limited edition of 100 copies, of which 21 have been sold and 30 are currently available.



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