Third suspect arrested in April Sacramento shooting


SACRAMENTO — Authorities have located a fugitive who is one of the suspects in a mass shooting in downtown Sacramento nearly two months ago.

Six people were killed and a dozen others were injured on April 3. A month later, on May 3, an additional warrant was issued for Mtula Payton, 27, on multiple counts of murder related to the K Street shooting.

Sacramento police announced on Saturday that officers and FBI agents in Las Vegas arrested Payton on Saturday after Sacramento detectives tracked him down to an apartment complex on the 1300 block of East Hacienda Avenue.

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Payton will be incarcerated in a correctional facility in Nevada and then transported to Sacramento, where he will be incarcerated in the main Sacramento County Jail.

He is the third suspect in police custody to face murder charges in what police say was a shootout between rival gangs.

Police previously said at least five people fired bullets in the shooting at a crowded downtown Sacramento intersection. So far, authorities have only identified four: Payton, Smiley Martin; her brother, Dandrae Martin; and Devazia Turner, 29, who was one of six people killed in the mass shooting.

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