Tim Ryan leads in Ohio as panicked Republicans fight to back JD Vance


Internal polls show Tim Ryan leads JD Vance in the Ohio Senate race as Republicans hit the panic button and try to keep their failing candidate afloat.

Politico reported in the internal poll:

Independent polls in the race have been scarce until now. But Ryan has plotted a small three-point lead in an internal poll for his campaign, obtained exclusively by POLITICO, receiving 48 percent support from Vance’s 45 percent, with 7 percent undecided. The survey, conducted July 21-28 by Impact Research, surveyed 800 likely voters for general elections and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.


Ryan’s internal poll also shows that he is on the rise among independents: it showed him 20 points among those voters. According to the poll, Vance also has 85 percent name identification and an unfavorable 50 percent rating after a bruise and expensive Republican primary. Ryan, who enjoyed a smoother ride to his party’s nomination, finds himself with 80 percent name ID and an unfavorable rating of 36 percent).

Tim Ryan is a well-known populist Democrat who appeals to some Republicans and independents

Republicans think they can take over the race with a barrage of outside ad spend linking Ryan to Biden, but just like in Pennsylvania, where Mehmet Oz’s strategy fails, Republicans are running a carpet-destroyer against a well-known populist figure. Ohio Politics.

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The appeal of populism is strong when an electorate is angry with both parties. The Ryan campaign was also similar to Fetterman in that they were able to define and paint Vance as an outsider who would rather be at home in San Francisco than living in Ohio.

The difference between Ohio and Pennsylvania is that Pennsylvania leans solid purple and blue. Ohio has left its purple status and has become redder, so Republicans are right that they should have an inherent advantage in the state.

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The GOP advantage can be negated because, like Oz, JD Vance is an unpopular Trump creation.

Republicans whistle through the graveyard when they think they’re Rep. bury Ryan with some negative advertising and take over the election.

It won’t be a surprise if the US Senate election in Ohio stays close, but 2022 is not a conventional midterm, and JD Vance is an example of poor candidate choice in the current environment.


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