Today’s “word” Word of the day #329 Answer and hint: Saturday, May 14


The week is over, the weekend has arrived, and another Wordle is here to confuse us a bit, although like yesterday’s word, this one isn’t too difficult.

Yesterday, of course, was Friday the 13th. If you made it to today unscathed, you were lucky.

Wordle certainly isn’t quite the viral phenomenon it was this winter, which is likely tied to both the fading novelty and the warmer days of spring and the approach of summer.

That’s fine, however, we’ll continue to make these guides one way or another! Let’s take a look at today’s Wordle of the Day, shall we?

Today Wordle #329 Tip and Answer

Spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler! Spoiler! SPOILERS! Spoiler! Spoiler!

But first, a hint: See the title of my review of The man from the north.

And you, old man, answer be…

I thought that caper was a very good starting word, although Wordle Bot still recommends crane, sure. As far as I know, for today’s Wordle, that wouldn’t matter much. Both words would give you ‘e’ and ‘a’ and neither green.

Lice or fleas was my second guess, which gave me green ‘l’ and ‘a’, but Wordle Bot correctly noted that slate would have been a better choice here. Since I’m not a robot, I can’t mathematically think through all the options.

Yet, despite choosing five possible options at this point, I got the correct answer…metal-on my next guess. “You are a god among men!” chuckled Wordle Bot happily. Or something like that.

Have a great weekend, Wordlers!

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