Top AEW star hints at backstage heat with The Young Bucks


Apparently there’s still backstage heat between The Young Bucks and FTR and Dax Harwood isn’t shy about talking about it.

On Twitter, Dave Meltzer responded to a tweet from someone who wrote: “people who really think the young dollars are burying FTR or are somehow afraid of them are the biggest losers on struggling twitter.”

Meltzer replied, “Actually, it’s people who learn from Alex Jones types and can’t read.”

Harwood was not kind to what Meltzer said and he said the following: “Dave, with all due respect, f**k off. Like, in the most respectful and loving way, I mean that. When you decide to go both ways of a story, then talk about it. Thanks dude.” Scroll down this page to see the tweets.

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