Tory leadership hustings live: Liz Truss vows to stand up to ‘militant activists’ after being interrupted by protesters in Eastbourne – watch live


NUs Ghani, the MP for Wealden, says she has been “a bit busy with the 1922 Committee” and had to be neutral for the first part of the election.

“Now I no longer have to be neutral and many of you have asked which candidate I will support.

“Only our party, the Conservative Party, could have put forward two great candidates, with such a wealth of experience, vision and, yes, diversity. And the choice we have to make in these elections, I know, is important for our country and the future of our party.

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“And I’m here to tell you that I chose, and I chose to support Liz Truss.”

She applauds her “bold and conservative” plan and insists that she “will defend the unity of our nation and protect peace in Northern Ireland”.



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