Trump’s Awkward Rally For JD Vance Clashed With Big Ohio Football Game


Ohio residents were glued to their TV screens Saturday night during Donald Trump’s rally for Republican Senate candidate JD Vance. But it was much more likely that they were watching a pivotal football game in the state of Ohio than something political.

Unfortunately, the clunky schedule for the rally was held at the same time as an important Ohio State game against the University of Toledo (the Buckeyes won 49-21). That happened because Trump and Vance “apparently don’t know how Ohio works,” Mediaite joked last week. The Columbus Dispatch reported last week that a record-breaking 10.5 million viewers tuned in to Ohio State’s game against the University of Notre Dame earlier this month.

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No one was happier with the joke than Democrat Tim Ryan, who takes on hedge fund founder Vance.

Ryan even ran a campaign ad mocking, turning the rally into a different kind of football game—for losers.

Ryan’s conclusion: “JD Vance plays Ohio.”

The New York Times reported Friday that the candidates Trump touts at his meetings are not all happy about it.

Trump, in an eloquent response to the Times story, urged the crowd in typically vulgar Trump language that Vance “kiss my ass.”

He also claimed in a Truth Social post earlier in the day that “both JD Vance and Dr. Oz asked me to do big rallies for them.” He added: “Look at the huge crowds. Both candidates wanted this – and I delivered.”

But the Times reported that neither candidate had asked him to hold the rallies.



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