Tuesday night UK news briefing: Austerity will help the rich not the poor, admits Liz Truss


In a further startling admission, Ms Truss said she does not believe Britain will begin negotiations for a trade deal with the US for a number of years.

She will hold an important bilateral meeting with Joe Biden tomorrow, but her acknowledgment that there will be no free trade agreement “short or medium term” adds importance to her meeting with Emmanuel Macron today ahead of the UN General Assembly.

Their discussions will be the first in a political setting since Ms Truss caused a riot when she said the “jury is out” over whether the French president is “friend or foe”.

Still Europe editor James Crisp analyzes how the meeting of Ms Truss and Mr Macron could herald a tentative reset of Anglo-French relations.

The Rees-Mogg . Confrontation

Returning home, ministers have returned to full capacity as government affairs return after 12 days of national mourning.

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Jacob Rees-Mogg, the new Secretary of State, faces a Supreme Court showdown with union leaders over plans to reduce the impact of strikes.

Ministers plan to water down industrial laws to allow agency workers to take on the role of striking workers after businesses were hit by a “summer of discontent” amid the cost of living crisis.

Unite, GMB and the RMT are among 11 unions that have launched a Judicial Review claiming the new laws would undermine their right to strike.

Matt Oliver analyzes why the left cannot afford to misjudge Mr Rees-Mogg.

Meanwhile, new Transport Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan has begun peace talks with union leaders in hopes of breaking the deadlock.

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Channel 4 re-examined

As the government tries to cram two weeks of announcements into the next four days ahead of the mini-budget, ministers were found to be re-examining Channel 4’s privatisation, in a sign that Ms Truss could reverse Boris Johnson’s plans to sell. of the public broadcaster.

Michelle Donelan, the culture minister, said the government is “looking at the business case” for the privatization of Channel 4.

Her predecessor Nadine Dorries was accused of pursuing a “minor vendetta” against the broadcaster.

Read how Ms Donelan suggested the decision has at least been kicked in the grass as she also said she would review the TNZT license fee in the “coming weeks”, but declined to reveal whether it could be scrapped.

Commentary and analysis

Around the world: Russia hints at full mobilization

Russian soldiers who refuse to fight during periods of martial law will be punished more severely, the country’s parliament has ruled, a sign that the Kremlin may be considering full military mobilization. The Russian State Duma today passed a law introducing additional penalties for crimes such as desertion committed during a time of martial law and mobilization. It’s because Russia has likely withdrawn its most powerful attack submarines from their home base in Crimea for fear they’re prone to long-range Ukrainian attacks, according to British intelligence. Meanwhile, Moscow-backed separatists in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region said they will hold referendums on Russia’s accession September 23-27. Russia led to more than double the energy bill.

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Tuesday interview

‘It’s a dream job to work with your partner’



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