Twitter makes it easier for visually impaired users to understand images


Twitter logo. (Image: Reuters)

A few months ago, Twitter added the alternative text feature to the platform, and the microblogging platform is now improving the feature with additional features. Twitter has announced that it is adding a new image description reminder that will encourage more people on Twitter to add helpful descriptions to the images they tweet.

For those who don’t know, the alt text, or alt text, is a written description of what is contained in an image that can be picked up by screen reader software used by the visually impaired. Whenever you add a photo to a Tweet, you have the option to describe it using alt text, also known as a digital image description.

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“Our new image description reminder is a feature that encourages you to make a good habit of adding alt text to every image you upload and share on Twitter,” the company said. Once enabled, the feature will prompt you on web and mobile to remind you to add alt text when you’re about to Tweet an image.

“We are rolling out our new image description reminder worldwide, and most people on Twitter already have access to it (those who don’t will have it very soon),” Twitter announced.

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The descriptions are useful not only for people who use screen readers, but also for people in low-bandwidth areas, people with a web phone, and anyone who wants to learn more about an image.

Image descriptions help describe the image to people who can’t see it, so it’s important to keep the text focused: capture what’s important, be concise and objective.

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Photos with descriptions are displayed with an ALT badge in the lower left corner, indicating that additional descriptive text is available for the image. Twitter recently added an ALT badge, a subtitle toggle, and captions for audio conversations on Spaces and Voice Tweets.

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