Two bigger changes to the ‘Destiny 2’ ability you should know about


Last week we received an absolutely huge TWAB detailing the changes to Destiny 2’s PvP abilities. As such, this has led to a lot of questions about how this will all work out in practice.

The most technically informed Destiny podcast, Firing Range, landed Bungie’s Kevin Yanes and Eric Smith for their final episode, and got to ask questions and hear information about the ability changes.

The whole show is worth listening to, but so far I’ve pulled out two pretty key news points from the conference that I didn’t know about before, and thought I would share. .

100 Intelligence

So what was confirmed on the show is that with the new behavior of Super Regeneration being mostly built on taking or receiving damage, especially from primary weapons, no, the Intellect stat isn’t. has nothing to do with the super energy gained from this source.

Rather, Intellect will only remain tied to the overall cooldown of Supers under the new tier system where some recharge much faster than others. As a reminder, here are what these levels will be for PvP and PvE:

Level 5 (fastest regeneration)

Level 4

  • Barrage of blades
  • Silence and squall

Level 3

  • Shadow shot
  • Fiery mallet
  • Bow stick
  • Nova Bomb
  • Thunder clap

Level 2

  • Golden gun
  • Scope of chaos
  • New channel
  • Storm trance
  • Dawn
  • Sentinel shield

Level 1 (slowest regeneration)

  • Spectral blades
  • Fist of Ravage
  • Ground Hammer
  • Glacial earthquake
  • Winter’s wrath

This means that many versions that automatically tried to run to Intellect 100 might better redistribute those points elsewhere now, perhaps in Discipline where newly powerful but slow-charging grenades could take advantage of them. Guess we can see what it feels like, but it seems that with more combat focused regeneration and not stats, it’s a pretty big nerve to the intellect in general, and it doesn’t. may not be the must see it once was.

Dodge tracking

It’s also confirmed on the show that yes, the Hunter Dodge nerf, which no longer allows him to interrupt tracking, will apply to both PvP and PvE, albeit temporarily.

The nerf was put in place to make hunters easier to pin down in PvP shootouts, but it’s also a decently sized nerf for PvE content, as things like exploding Centurion bullets and others projectiles will now follow you through your dodge. Bungie realizes that’s not ideal, and the dodge tracking issues will be separated so it’s alone the case in PvP, not in PvE, in a future patch. No date on this, but it might not be until Witch Queen, I guess.

Yes it was a great show, be sure to check it out. And we’ll see if any new information drops in the mini-TWAB that’s supposed to arrive later today before the holidays.

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