Video shows suspects stealing 200 gallons of gasoline from high desert gas station, authorities say


Two men were arrested after allegedly stealing hundreds of gallons of gasoline from two high desert gas stations this week.

Surveillance video of an incident early Wednesday shows a man breaking into the gas pump at a Shell station in Pinion Hills and then siphoning gasoline into a large container hidden in the back of his pickup truck.

“It appeared that the suspect pryed open the gas pump and then used a device to override the system and siphon about 200 gallons of gasoline into their truck,” said Gloria Huerta, a spokesman for the San Bernardino County Sheriff.

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“Their truck was equipped with a gas tank hidden in the back of their truck, and of course the back of the truck was covered.”

But Herta said someone else at the gas station saw what happened and called 911.

“Our officers received a call from a witness who believed that two suspects might be stealing gas at the gas station. When our agents arrived, they found the suspects still there.”

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Daniel Ramossantoyo, 23, and Andres Berruete, 23, both from Santa Ana, were arrested on charges of conspiracy, grand theft and vandalism. Through their investigation, detectives said two days in advance they had linked the suspects to a previous major theft of petrol at a Shell gas station in Phelen.

“Our deputies cannot be on every corner every minute of the day,” Hueta said. “We really rely on the public when they see something to say something and that’s often how we solve our crimes.”

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