Vivek Agnihotri Responds To People Calling The Kashmir Files ‘Propaganda’ Movie, Says It Doesn’t Endorse Narendra Modi, BJP


Starring Anupam Kher, Mithun Chakraborty, Pallavi Joshi and Darshan Kumaar, The Kashmir Files has been one of the biggest blockbusters in Indian cinema this year as Vivek Agnihotri’s directing collected around Rs 340 crore at the global box office. Although the gritty political drama received mixed reviews from audiences and critics, many called it a “propaganda” film.

Now, film director Vivek Agnihotri has responded to these claims, saying that his film did not support the country’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, and the ruling BJP party. He even called out films like Haider, Fanaa and Mission Kashmir, claiming that these three films justified terrorism, but no one called them propaganda films.

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Speaking to Deccan Herald, Vivek said: “Only a few people call it a propaganda film. My film does not endorse Narendra Modi, BJP, right, nor has the government funded my film. Has anyone mentioned films like ‘Haider’, ‘Mission Kashmir ‘, ‘Fanaa’ etc. who justified terrorism as propaganda films?”

He continued: “Propaganda movies don’t make a 350 crore business, and they never worked in the past. My film was based on the interviews with the victims, and anyone who calls it propaganda has no empathy for the victims. People who Naxals supporters and terrorists, and professional critics who call everything that comes out of the right as propaganda, call it propaganda.”

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When Agnihotri was asked about several BJP-led states that made the film tax-free, the director stated that the people of the government and political party jumped on the success chariot when they realized that the film was a success after four days in the cinema. become. release. Vivek even said that Narendra Modi did not praise his film and instead asked the detractors to watch the film before criticizing it.

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