Watch a rogue passenger get badly beaten while hanging from a speeding truck


An amateur video of a man hanging dangerously from a speeding truck as he was beaten has caused uproar on social media.

A person who shared the clip on Tuesday, May 31 confirmed that the incident happened along the Kasarani – Mwiki road in Nairobi.

Video captured the man dangling from the back of the white truck driving dangerously down the busy city road.

He was held by the collar by another person who repeatedly slapped him in the face for almost 300 meters.

A man beaten while hanging dangerously behind a moving truck.

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At one point, the truck swerved dangerously down the road, proving to be momentarily out of control at the time of the incident.

It remains unclear whether the victim was part of the truck crew or one of the cheeky individuals struggling to hitchhike by clinging to the trucks.

“The man was slapped. It’s along the stretch between Mwiki and Njiru in Kasarani. The slapping started even before I started recording. It was at a distance of about 300 meters. He was most likely l ‘one of those guys who asks for a lift and hangs in the back,’ our source shared.

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TNZT who came across the clip expressed mixed reactions, with the majority saying it was dangerous for truck owners to discipline the man as he dangerously clung to a speeding truck.

“It’s the Njiru-Mwiki bridge. Both the guy holding on to the truck and the guy disciplining him are wrong,” said a worried road user.

“Forget the story of the flight or the elevator. Imagine you hit him and he falls down, seriously injuring himself. Is it difficult to stop the truck and beat them? It’s inhumane,” added a other.

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Others, however, sided with the abuser, arguing that some of the boys who cling to the trucks are thieves and often wait for the opportune moment to steal valuables from the trucks.

Clinging behind trucks can pose a serious hazard to other road users, especially when the truck is traveling at high speed, causing perpetrators to lose traction.

Below is the video:

steal thieves


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