Woman supported for being “condescending” to mother-in-law who touched her belly


An expectant mother gained support from the internet after addressing her mother-in-law in a “condescending” tone for touching her pregnant belly.

Shared on the popular Reddit forum “Am I the A**hole,” u/No-Comfort-670 said in her post — which has garnered more than 14,000 votes since it was shared Friday — that she doesn’t feel comfortable being she is touched. However, since they got pregnant, her mother-in-law and sister-in-law are constantly touching her belly without asking.

It all came to a head when the mother-in-law of u/No-Comfort-670 touched her belly during a baby shower and immediately removed it while responding to her in a condescending tone.

Above is a stock photo of a woman rocking her pregnant belly. An expectant mother was supported by Reddit users for speaking condescendingly to her mother-in-law who wouldn’t stop touching her belly.
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Touching a pregnant stomach

u/No-Comfort-670 isn’t the only one who doesn’t want to be touched without asking. Verywell Family has published an article with advice on what to do if a pregnant person is touched without permission.

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“While there will always be people willing to pet your growing belly, don’t feel like your belly has somehow become part of the public domain,” the outlet said. “Even though it sticks out, it’s still a part of your body and yours.”

Those who want to deter people from touching their bellies can choose to block them, be direct, and tell people not to touch or pat their stomachs.

“Am I the A**hole?”

In her post, u/No-Comfort-670 said that she and her husband are expecting their first baby together. While there have been some ups and downs with her husband’s parents crossing the line, she said the overall experience has been positive.

u/No-Comfort-670 said she doesn’t like to be touched, which became a problem after she became pregnant.

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She said she and her husband tried to talk to them and asked them to touch her belly, but they rarely respect the line.

During the baby shower, u/No-Comfort-670 was eating cake when her mother-in-law, while talking to another family member, reached out and touched the stomach of the u/No-Comfort-670.

“So I took her hand, removed it and said, ‘No, no, you know I told you not to touch without asking first. You know how to ask, don’t you? It’s easy!’ in the most condescending voice I had,” said u/No-Comfort-670.

Her mother-in-law later approached her and said she didn’t appreciate being addressed as a child.

“I just smiled and said that [her] touching me after being asked a million times not to was a child’s behavior and I just called her out on it,” said u/No-Comfort-670.

She said that when her father-in-law asked her to apologize, she refused.

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Reddit responds

Fellow Reddit users flocked to the comments section to express their support for how u/No-Comfort-670 has handled the matter.

“Everyone thinks being pregnant makes you public property,” wrote one Redditor. “Stay firm, push your limits and tell her every time.”

Another Reddit user wrote that it is unacceptable for anyone to touch another person’s body without permission.

“You drew the line politely and they stomped all over the line,” they said. “They had to be put in their place.”

“If someone can’t respect your wishes, even after being told so many times, they deserve to be called out,” one Redditor noted.

News week contacted u/No-Comfort-670 for further comment.

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