WWE’s Rhea Ripley struggling with brain injury


It looks like Rhea Ripley’s injury is more serious than we thought.

In a recent Instagram post, Ripley responded to a fan who said she didn’t look like someone who had been hurt. Ripley was not on Raw on Monday and she was pulled from the Raw Women’s Title match with Bianca Belair because she is not medically cleared.

WWE hasn’t said exactly what happened to her, but we do know that she hasn’t wrestled since episode 6/6 of Raw and the location seen in the clip below is believed to be where she wrestled. been hurt. If you watch closely, Ripley’s knee smashes her head after taking a DDT from Liv Morgan.

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Ripley’s response to fans says she struggles with the following “brain/teeth” issues. I can’t see brain damage. Stop being incompetent and achieving nothing. His description of his injury sounds like a concussion.


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