Xzibit talks about Napalm and announces an exclusive partnership with Buddies Brand Inc.


Xzibit’s cannabis brand Napalm has announced an exclusive partnership with Buddies Brand Inc., a cannabis company with a massive retail footprint in California, Washington and Oregon. Buddies, the “West Coast Cannabis Brand”, fits Napalm’s ethos well, as entertainer, actor and hip hop artist Xzibit has been a well-received and well-received celebrity owner with a stake in the industry emerging from cannabis.

“For Napalm, this partnership allows our brand to further streamline and accelerate product development, integrate vertically, and provide distribution to our retail partners on a much higher level,” says Alvin’ Xzibit’ Joiner, founder of Napalm cannabis products. With this partnership, Xzibit has assumed the role of Creative Director at Buddies and will focus its work on product development and marketing. Napalm products will be manufactured exclusively at Buddies’ Redding, California facilities and distributed by NABIS.

Napalm cannabis products are currently available in California. The strategic alliance with Buddies has the long-term goal of producing and distributing napalm nationwide. The Buddies brand is present in 1,000 storefronts to date, and Napalm will aim to match its presence. “West Coast cannabis customers love Buddies products,” says Xzibit. “This partnership between two great brands, plus NABIS for distribution, will take us to new heights and help expand Napalm into more markets.”

Buddies Brand has been growing cannabis on the West Coast for 20 years. It has product offerings in a wide range of categories across the dispensary ecosystem: concentrates, vapes, blooms, pre-rolls, and wellness.

“We’ve worked very hard to build Buddies to become one of the most consistent, popular and in-demand brands on the West Coast,” said Bryan Cochran, President of Buddies. “This partnership with Xzibit and Napalm unites and elevates the strengths of our two organizations. Alvin’s work ethic and his passion for cannabis and music are very exciting to us, and even more so when paired with our award-winning products, team and strategic partners.

What future for Napalm? “In 5 years, I would like to align with our strategic partner Buddies in retail and manufacturing and become a nationwide brand house,” says Xzibit.

Founded in 2020, the Napalm brand stands out on the shelves thanks to its bold glass packaging in the shape of various weapons, as the eponymous title suggests. The brand is famous for its blunt called The Grenade, an 8-gram pre-roll filled with indoor-grown cannabis and live resin, which comes in a pomegranate-shaped glass. “We are a premium product. Our presentation should be the same,” says Xzibit. “It’s not just about the presentation, it’s about what’s inside our packaging, it’s all important.”

The founder says Napalm plans to do a relaunch coinciding with July 4th. At the same time, the brand will present some new products. “We have the Dynamite Stick, which is a two-gram blunt that we launch,” explains Xzibit. “We are also releasing a single Rocket pre-roll. We’ve had success with our five-pack of these infused pre-rolls called Rockets, and we’ll be adding the single Rockets. We soon have a dab line called Landmines.

Xzibit says it is looking forward to expanding the brand in every way. The hip-hop entertainer and entrepreneur offered some separation advice for other cannabis business owners and across industries: “Be diligent and know how to take extreme responsibility,” he says. “Get through the tough times and celebrate, for a brief moment, your successes. The most important thing is to be able to stay the course. To bring your ideas to life, you need to have great people around you who can implement them. »



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